Hi I'm Tori! I am as simple as they come but I believe it helps me create meaningful yet effortless imagery. I pride myself on capturing the smallest of details that evoke emotion. 

I recently married the love of my life and had the perfect intimate wedding in Sonoma County, California with our favorite people. We have two fur babies named Moose & Dallas both with huge personalities. My dream one day is  to live somewhere warm with the perfect beach bungalow to read and work out of. I am a very laid back soul with a love for travel. I enjoy spending my time trying new food, exploring cute cafes and bookstores, and experiencing new cultures. 

This is more than a job to me. Working with me means becoming apart of my family and letting me into yours. This small business has become my life, I never thought i was going to be able to pursue this passion of mine. This year has been nothing SHORT of amazing becoming a full time business owner and putting my clients moments first!

Now I get to travel and do what I love on MY terms, completely and candidly!

I am victoria beardslee, a california based photographer, creative and soon to be world traveler.

About Victoria Beardslee

the ocean, always

capturing unexpected moments

Laid back 

my babe

some of my favorite things

Sushi dates with my boo 

Spending my free time on the coast 

LAVA CAKES.. always on the hunt for the best one 

Binge watching movies!

Recently fell back in love with reading!!

Natural light, film, sand & sea, texture, nostalgia, minimalism, art, & romance

Inspired By

There's something truly magical about getting to travel and experience new cities. As a destination photographer, I am always looking for new opportunities to capture the beauty of love in different locations. Whether you're planning a beach wedding in Hawaii or a mountain ceremony in Colorado, I am ready to hop on a plane and meet you there!

 With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I am dedicated to creating timeless memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Let me help you tell your love story in the destination of your dreams. When traveling I have select dates that don't require travel fees - Let's see if we will be in the same place at the same time!! 

Capturing the Beauty of Your Destination: Meet the Photographer Ready to Turn Your Trip into Timeless Memories

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Cape cod, massachusetts

OCT 24. 16 – 22

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JAN 24. 13 – 16

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Maui, Hawaii

SEPT. 14 – 18

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AUG. 15 – 19

Where in the world you can find me:

capturing memories that mean a lifetime.